QualifiedCarriers.com Updates

QualifiedCarriers.com Updates

As we know, on December 4, 2015, Congress and the President passed the FAST Act, which, among other things, removed CSA’s BASIC score percentiles from public view, and sent the scores for further, third party analysis, due to many errors and concerns among the DOT Inspector General; the Government Accountability Office; academia, the public and motor carriers.

QualifiedCarriers.com, as a member of the public, has no access to percentile scores.

In 2016, FMCSA began releasing absolute values of BASIC scores, which are not in percentiles, but in raw data. From this, we may not determine what scores are high or low, necessarily. There is no intervention threshold tied to absolute scores.

Because of customer demand, we are adjusting features, effective mid-August 2016, to include absolute scores to show, and to allow customers to set their own thresholds. We have absolutely no guidance as to where customers might set their internal email notification thresholds, nor do we necessarily support setting a threshold. We will also resume month to month trending reports on each absolute scores, and bring back the feature that puts a green down arrow, and red up arrow beside scores that went down or up since the previous month.

Additionally, due to customer demand, we are introducing a new feature, which will allow customers to view a carrier’s out of service (OOS) percentiles for both driver and vehicle, and compare it to the national average of OOS for each.

Our new services will be available in mid-August 2016.