About Us

Qualified Carriers was established in 2006, as the first solution of its kind to provide state-of-the-art resources specifically for shippers to minimize risks in selecting and utilizing motor carriers while ensuring corporate governance covenants are met.

Our founders leverage decades of actual freight management experience, with experience advising a U.S. DOT taskforce on carrier selection, and leading a national trade association’s carrier selection framework committee for over a decade, to provide what we believe is the best, most comprehensive tool on the market.

Qualified Carriers carefully blends government safety data, with the exact documents and forms shippers require, to identify if the carrier is, or isn’t, qualified to do business with you. With speedier and more extensive government enforcement, combined with a precarious financial situation since COVID-19, carrier conditions are changing more rapidly than ever.

Qualified Carriers combines world-class technology with first-class industry experts, lawyers, and former government officials to provide you with the necessary resources designed to reduce your risk due to cargo theft and loss, freight damage, service failures, and legal liability.